Class Notes 1960s

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John Cicero, Class of 1965

1st graduating class. I "fondly" recall the temporary buildings, carefully negotiating the wooden planks leading to where you could get sandwiches and coffee. I ran for the student senate on a platform of "Don't have a Rubber Stamp Senate".  I was soundly defeated in my only foray into politics.

I went on to get my BA from the U of M. I was a political science major with a minor in economics. Ultimately, I have survived 30 years as a real estate broker in Colorado and now Utah…love the weather, the natural beauty of the Rockies in Colorado and Zion and Bryce Canyon National parks in Utah; but I miss my Michigan family and friends. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity Schoolcraft College afforded me.

Donald Carr
Donald Carr, Class of 1966

AAS- Liberal Arts. SC was the doorway to change in my life. It opened the door for me to achieve a BA and MBA from Eastern Michigan University.  In my career I worked in over 30 companies and 7 industries, where I held positions from CFO to President. I have been published over 20 times in American Trucking Association publications and have served as a speaker for their speakers’ bureau. In the ‘80’s I moved to Cleveland, Ohio where I specialized in turning around troubled companies. Eventually, I began a new chapter in my life…pursing a hobby in painting and ceramics along with my wife Mary Ellen. I have entered several art shows and even won a few ribbons. My life path was never planned; it was more like a sail boat in the ocean with an opportunity in every port.  

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Larry Carver, Class of 1966

I was the first president of the Circle K organization. I certainly enjoyed SC and appreciate the education I received. After graduating from SC, I went to Oakland University and graduated with my BA. Since then I have earned 2 Master Degrees and I have done post-grad work in Economics and Education at several universities. I'm always careful to include my AA when on my vita. It's as important as any other degree I have earned.

Marguerite Kirby
Marguerite Kirby, Class of 1966

AAS – Liberal Arts. In the early ‘60’s I moved to MI with my husband and three little boys. I met a Special Education Instructor who inspired me to want to do what he did. He told me about a new college in Livonia that had just opened its doors called Schoolcraft College. I enrolled and became part of the second graduating class in 1966. I went on to graduate from Eastern Michigan with a degree in Special Education and I taught for 30 years. Thank you SC for making my dream come true.

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Janice Novak, Class of 1966

I attended Schoolcraft College from 1964-1966.  I received an Associate Degree in Business Studies.  It was a great experience.  On the fun side, the first "cafeteria" we had was the "Plywood Palace", which was a greasy spoon plywood hut attached to the back of the building!  I barely remember what it served, but I'm sure they had hamburgers.  I am now happily and successfully retired.

Ken Kircoff
Ken Kircoff, Class of 1969

AAS- Liberal Arts.  I received a BS and MA in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University.  I taught 32 years at LakeVille Middle School, Otisville, MI and served as a member of the U.S. Army Reserve.  Currently, I am an Adjunct Professor of History at Baker College in Flint and I play the baritone saxophone in the Genesee Wind Symphony.

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Thomas Donnelly, Class of 1967

AAS - Liberal Arts.  I graduated from EMU with a BA in French/Spanish and Education and an MA in Guidance and Counseling Completing and a second MA in Humanities through CMU.  I have been a teacher and counselor in Wayne-Westland Schools from 9-7-70 to present. I reside in Canton MI and I am a single father of four, and grandfather of three.

Joe Toth
Joe Toth, Class of 1967

Thank you Schoolcraft College for the self confidence among other things, I took away. Among many accomplishments, one of my proudest moments was the designing, erecting, and dedicating of a monument on the Gettysburg National Battlefield, in Gettysburg, PA. Thank you Schoolcraft. 

Al Walgenbach
Alfred Walgenbach, Class of 1967

I graduated with an AAS in architecture, but my relationship with SC actually started before I even enrolled as a student. After graduating high school in 64’ I went to work in a small factory. However, after suffering a serious work-related injury I decided to discontinue my employment and go back to school.  I applied to Schoolcraft, but failed the entrance exam. I met with SC’s Dean Waterman to ask her what I could do to obtain admission. She told me to take Algebra and English Comp. courses at a high school and return to her with a grade of "B" or better and she would reconsider my admission.

Consequently, I followed her advice and returned to Dean Waterman with my A grade. She showed me where she had written in my folder that if I achieved that grade she would let me into the school on probation. She warned me that day that I must never fall below a 2.5 GPA. I believe that I graduated with a 3.4 average. Dean Waterman and Schoolcraft College took a chance on me and that changed my life. 

Following graduation from SC, I went to work immediately for Chatham Super Markets as their first architectural draftsman and eventually became a construction supervisor and engineer. In 1983, I joined Great Scott Supermarkets as the Director of Construction and served in that capacity for seven years. In 1990, I was recruited by A&P as Director of Construction for Farmer Jack Super Markets. During my fourteen years with A&P I was promoted to National Director of Construction and Vice President of Construction. I retired in 2004. I attribute much of my success during my career to the education received at Schoolcraft College.  

Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan, Class of 1968

I enjoyed and appreciate the wonderful experiences I had at Schoolcraft College. A mother of four, Schoolcraft inspired me to begin my higher education journey and pursue a gratifying career as assistant dean, advising students in the EMU College of Business.

Gary Gabel
Gary Gabel, Class of 1968

The human soul can soar when given the opportunity. Before Schoolcraft, life was a boxed-in existence.

Schoolcraft challenged that existence and gave me new possibilities. I graduated into a world of potential abundance. Thanks for being the catalyst for this soaring soul.

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Ted Dobson, Class of 1969

The Bell Tower Magazine has brought back to me a lot of memories. I entered SC in the fall of 1969. Math and chemistry were my main subjects. Dr. Watson and Bill Nickels were great professors. Professor Nickels would really go all out for you to make sure you understood something. I eventually ended up in the Climate Systems Technology program with Professor Ron McBride; he was also a sharp instructor. After receiving my associate degree in CST I took my state test for heating and air condition. 

Frank Dziewit
Frank Dziewit, Class of 1969

In this day and age one must always have a plan B in place.  Schoolcraft College was the vehicle for self development that prepared me for several careers. College experience has helped me develop a passion and curiosity about life.

Rick Yarling
Rick Yarling, Class of 1969

As a graduate of the Architectural Technology Program, I was taught by Detroit's finest architects who laid the foundation for my great and rewarding career. Many thanks to the vision of the program’s founders, and to SC for being the “community’s college” and changing lives for over 50 years.


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