Class Notes 1980s

Vernard Hester 
Vernard Hester, Class of 1980

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Schoolcraft College on reaching the 50 year milestone!  I hope for continued growth and endowments. My time at the college was very rewarding. I earned an Associate Degree that provided the gateway to higher learning for me.

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Lois Lambert, Class of 1980

The summer of 1969 I fell in love with Schoolcraft College. Psychology, wine tasting, tennis and a co-op job in the tool crib were enhanced by culinary lunches as the bell tower chimes serenaded me.

 Jeff McCarthy
Jeff McCarthy, Class of 1980

Like many other first-generation college students, SC was my gateway to higher education and a successful career.  May Schoolcraft continue providing similar opportunities for

 Marcia Scarbrough
Marcia Scarborough, Class of 1980

Schoolcraft College faculty & staff have always been dedicated to assisting students to better themselves and their community. You helped me prepare and encouraged me for my career as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Thank you all so much.

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Sherry Springer, Class of 1980

As an alum and 30-year employee, I was able to develop the skills and self-confidence to succeed as a professional in my career and community. Thanks SC.

Mike Williams 
Mike Williams, Class of 1980

From Schoolcraft I went on to get my bachelor's degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Michigan Tech., I also met the love of my life and married three months after Graduation. I started at Motorola in Schaumburg, IL in 1982 and worked there in various quality positions till the end of 2013. I had the good fortune of working for Bill Smith (the father of Six Sigma) in the early 80's and earned my Black Belt. I have 2 beautiful daughters and one grandson. I am currently working with Illinois Performance Excellence to help companies make dramatic improvements to their process efficiency and delight their customers.

John Boerger 
John Boerger, Class of 1982

Associates Degree, Architectural Engineering Technology, ‘82, Schoolcraft College

Bachelor of Science, Human Services, Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste Marie, MI

I went on to gain global experience in Europe, Mexico, and Canada, working in the fields of Supplier Quality, Quality Engineering, and Quality Management. Since ‘86, I have held a variety of offices with the Society of Engineers- including Chairman, Vice Chairman.

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Don Howard, Class of 1982

I attended SC part time for several years, at night, to obtain my business degree. While going to school I worked full time for General Motors as buyer. After graduation, I attended U of M Dearborn, and worked on a two plus two degree program in Business, English and Psychology.

I graduated from SC in ‘82 at age 39 and continued working for GM until I retired in ‘95, with over 31 years of service. I then joined a Japanese manufacturing firm based in Tokyo, as an independent consultant. Later, I did consulting work for dealerships and others and formed Vehicles Worldwide, an international vehicle procurement company.

Christopher Lindblom
Christopher Lindblom, Class of 1982

AAS SC, BA in Speech Communication/Theater, North Central College (Naperville IL) 1986, MFA in Theatrical Performance (Western Illinois University) 1990. I graduated from Schoolcraft after participating in many dinner theater productions under the direction of Dr. Rudick and Dale Feldpausch. 

I and my wife of 20 years are currently working with Parkview Christian Church in many aspects of Chancel Drama as campus Drama Leaders.  We Live in Lockport, IL with our three children.

John & Janice Reynolds
John & Janice Reynolds, Class of 83, 85

Schoolcraft College allowed us to discover our talents, build new relationships, and accomplish our dreams. Schoolcraft's presence in our community has given us the opportunity to grow as individuals and adapt to our ever changing world.

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Marianne H. Briody, Class of 1984

AAS - Computer Information Systems BS in Business and Management – ‘01 - University of Redlands, Redlands, California  oMBA- ‘09 - University of Redlands, Redlands, California.

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Gretchen (Baker) Loskutoff, Class of 1984

Practical Nursing Program. I returned to school after moving out to California. I received my Associate of Science Degree from Excelsior College in New York in 1997. I continued my studies and started working on my Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies. I put my degree aside to home school our 3 children. I am currently acting in California, and having a ball. I study Method Acting at The Performers Academy in Laguna Hills, Ca.  Stage name is: Gayle Frances

Judith Shaw
Judith Shaw, Class of 1985

I graduated from Schoolcraft College in ‘85 with an AAS in Marketing and Applied Management, as Judith Quayle.  I pursued my Bachelor of Science in Humanities degree from Lawrence Technological University.  I became an Independent Training Contractor and Consultant. I did training work for GM, Chrysler and Ford, where I developed my own training programs. In the 90’s, I worked for Michigan Carton & Paperboard as a Safety/Training Manager & ISO 9002 Management Rep.

I currently hold a position as Safety, Training & Human Resource Manager with Advanced Design & Packaging at Stronghaven, Inc. in Atlanta, GA.  I have continued to pursue my education by going back to school for a Master's of Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix.  I have also attended college courses to become fluent in Spanish. Schoolcraft College is where my first steps towards a career really began.  Best of luck to both the Alumni Program, I wish you continued success!

Linda Besh
Linda Besh, Class of 1986

I’m grateful I earned my Associate Degree in Accounting from Schoolcraft in the 80’s, it stepped up my career for the 90’s, providing a good living for my family, and inspired me to earn my Bachelors Degree.

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Duane Penzien, Class of 1986

AAS in the Bio Medical Engineering Technologist Program.  After almost a decade of working as a BMET & CBET for various engineering firms and hospitals I was offered the opportunity to train as Field Engineer. The Field Service Manager warned me that the training process would be extremely challenging, he likened it to “drinking from a fire hose”.

I survived and currently work for GE as Field Engineer and I love it! Looking back, I can say that without SC and its excellent BMET program, I don't know how I would have ever gotten into this exciting field of work. 

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Timothy Roy, Class of 1989

Schoolcraft has a special place in my heart. It was my intro to the college world. The teachers were top notch and I learned a lot. Since then, I transferred to Eastern Michigan, then moved to Las Vegas and transferred to UNLV, got married, had kids, slowed down my life/education, but finally earned a BA in Communication Studies in 1995, began teaching in 1999 and earned an M.Ed in 2000. In 2010 I achieved National Board Certification for teaching. I owe a lot to my great foundation at one of the world's best colleges--Schoolcraft College!

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Maria Uzelac, Class of 1989

I became a phlebotomist and I am preparing to take my EMT-B exam. I could have never gotten this far in life without the help of the SC and its Women's Resource Center. They assisted me with tuition, books, career placement as well as just to have open arms when I was frustrated and needed a hug or someone to listen to.  I wish to thank them for everything they have done for me and if I could ever repay them I would. I am still a single mother with a daughter attending Eastern Michigan University who is holding a 3.94gpa.


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