Class Notes 1990s

Rocky Rockall 
Rocky Rockall, Class of 1990

I view the accomplishments of Schoolcraft with pride and excitement.  Your standards are exceptional.  As a proud graduate I praise and promote the advantages of community colleges.  This institution offers opportunity to all ages for higher learning.

 Robert Richards
Rob Richards, Class of 1991

I graduated from Schoolcraft in '91 with an Associates in Liberal Arts Degree. I transferred to U of M where I graduated with honors. My time in school has been dedicated towards a quest for knowledge in philosophy and political science without a specific goal of career enhancement.  I make my living in the area of computer-aided design and have done well without the added advantage of an engineering degree.

 Robbin St. Amour
Robbin St. Amour, Class of 1991

I graduated in 1991 with an AAS degree. Following graduation, I worked for the University of Michigan for 11 years in the Business Office (Cash Office/Student Organizations). In 2002, I returned to Schoolcraft to take a class called Serve Safe. I left U of M in 2003 and I opened my food vending business called Sister Caesar's Salad, Inc. I am presently semi-retired.

 Not Pictured
Linda (Davey) Barnett, Class of 1992

AAS from SC and then transferred and graduated from U of M Dearborn. I currently work as an HR Manager.  At Schoolcraft, I worked in the Admissions Office and attended many student activity events.

Rhondi Anderson
Rhondi Anderson, Class of 1993

Thank you for maintaining the integrity and values that have impacted so many lives, especially mine. I am proud and honored to be part of this wonderful family.

Not Pictured
Deanna Carter, Class of 1993

AAS from SC and continued my education at EMU, graduating with a BS in Education.  In ‘02 I underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant at U of M, and due to complication from the transplant I am medically retired.

Not Pictured
Sherry Schooley, Class of 1993

SC certificate in medical transcription.  I am self-employed as a medical transcriptionist.

Kathy Williams
Kathy Williams, Class of 1993

You’ve provided me with the intelligence and life tools to persevere through all and achieve peace of mind and personal success.  I’m eternally grateful for your positive impact.

Not Pictured
Tamie (Oliver) Hoffman, Class of 1994

SC, Culinary Management Degree. I have been married for 11 yrs and have 4 kids.  We live in Thomaston GA and I work at the local high school as a Para educator in the special needs dept.

Walter Williams
Walter Williams, Class of 1995

Since, I was one of the last students to be enrolled in the Architectural Technology program; I still carry around my small diploma with great pride. What I learned has been helpful in my career as a Residential Designer.

Mo Hijazi
Mo Hijazi, Class of 1996

I graduated from SC in ‘96.  I was part of the Men's soccer teams in ‘94 and ‘95 playing for the late Van Dimitriou.  I broke the school record for goals scored with 31 goals during the ‘95 season, and our team was ranked as high as 3rd in the country. In 99’, I received my BA from Eastern Michigan University and continued to played soccer while attending the business school.  I went on to sign a contract with Lebanon’s most popular professional soccer team the "Stars".    

I went to work for Comerica Bank entering their management training program, eventually running a branch as manager for 2 years.  I've been working for Quicken Loans since ‘06, and truly love working there.  I've been happily married since ‘02 to my beautiful wife Mouna and our first child Hussein who at 17 months is already on a career path to be the next great Schoolcraft goal scorer.  My Schoolcraft years were some of my fondest memories. It's always cool to drive by the campus and remember the good ole days. 

Not Pictured
Laura A.  Martin, Class of 1996

After SC, I completed my BBA from Walsh in ‘98.  I plan to graduate from Madonna University in December ‘09 with an MBA. Although it seemed to take forever while working full time and going to school part time to earn these degrees, I don't regret the time and effort spent to further my education.  There were many life circumstances during those years that interrupted my plans, but I persevered.    Currently, I am a Workers' Compensation Underwriter for a self-insured group.  

Not Pictured
Jennifer Cary Ealovega, Class of 1997

SC Culinary Arts Program.  I have used my education to help further my career in the event planning and catering business.  I am currently the Director of Catering at the Village Club in Bloomfield Hills, MI. 

Chef Herrin
Chef Chris Herrin, Class of 1997

SC was the beginning of my formal training in the culinary arts. The knowledge and real world work experience I attained from SC’s Master Chef Faculty and facilities was very rewarding and set me up for success in the culinary field.  They taught me how to think and inspired a young baker/pastry cook to work-hard, continue to ask questions, and eat everything at least once.

I have gone on to work for Master baker Didier Rosada at the National Baking Center, MOF  Pastry Chef, Jean-Philippe Maury at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas,  World Champion Pastry Chef, Patrice Caillot at Le Cirque restaurant, MOF Pastry Chef, Jean Claude Cannister, and currently For Chef Thomas Keller , French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon, Bouchon Bakery. Most recently, was named a regional finalist for the Bread Bakers Guild of America Team USA 2008, in the Viennoiserie category.

Not Pictured
Linda Demers, Class of 1998

I went back to college at the age of 40 as a single mom, raising 3 children on my own. After SC, I earned a BS at EMU, a MED at OU and soon an EDS from OU. It has been a long journey that started at your door. Someday, I would like to volunteer at the SC Transition Center (it used to be the WRC Center). I feel that I could help and possibly inspire many people who are unsure about their path. I would consider not only myself, but also my 2 daughters (both of whom are working on their MA’s) who also started at to be Schoolcraft success stories.

Rebecca Himm
Dr. Rebecca Himm, Class of 1998

Schoolcraft was integral in my transition from home schooling to college life. Thank you for the best math department, lunches at Henry’s, the tutoring center, the PTK honor society, organic chemistry and so many memories.

Shaunda Mankowski
Shaunda Mankowski, Class of 1998

Even after going on to earn a bachelors and masters degree, I still look back on my time at Schoolcraft College as one of the best educational experiences I had.  Schoolcraft professors and staff  truly inspired me to achieve my goals.  Thank you.

Chris Cheaney 
Chris Cheaney, Class of 1999

Many thanks to wonderful Schoolcraft College.  As a young adult taking night classes, their dedicated staff enriched me in skills I use in the business world today.  Thanks for the confidence and springboard to success.

Lynn Hedapohl
Lynn Headapohl, Class of 1999

Forward-thinking faculty, board members and staff helped create a venue for education that crosses all demographics. The progressive atmosphere and accessibility to many resources helped keep me engaged in fulfilling my education.


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