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Meet Catreese, an active, organized, single mother of three children. Her nurturing skills and strong work ethic developed quickly when, at the age of 15, she became the caretaker for her younger siblings due to the death of her parents. 

Not one to allow adversity to impede her future, Catreese works two part-time positions, serves as an officer for Phi Theta Kappa, and maintains an impressive GPA in Social Work and Communications.

She chose her field of study based on her hardships and is becoming a voice and advocate for those who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Catreese received the 2019 Lawrence and Christine Hinkle Scholarship as she exemplifies family, education, volunteerism, and the power of giving back.


Stories like Catreese’s don’t just happen. They are the direct result of combining your annual gift, with your passion for the programs and funds that help students succeed. At Schoolcraft, YOU have the power to transform lives.

As a community college, many of our students face obstacles as they pursue their dream of an education. Some are returning to school or, perhaps, a first in their family to attend college and need financial assistance. Last year, the Foundation awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships to deserving students. Awards made possible because of YOU, our donors.

Donors also made the Student Emergency Needs Fund a reality. The Fund provides one-time grants up to $500 to students who experience emergencies that could lead to dropping out of school.


Nicole is a wife and mother who is working to become a Certified Medical Coder, and Registered Health Information Technician. When faced with an unexpected $3,000 car repair bill, she could only come up with $2,500. The car was Nicole’s only means of transportation to school, to her work-study program, and for her family. After applying for funds and being approved, Nicole paid the bill and remains focused on her education. Since the Fund’s creation in 2018, 64 students have received $29,560 to help them continue their studies.

It is truly because of people like YOU that Schoolcraft students persevere and gain the confidence necessary to achieve their educational and career potential.

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