Dania's Story - Scholarship Helps Student Pursue Dreams of Attending Medical School

Dania Schoolcraft College student Dania Baraka has her sights set on going to medical school one day, and as the Foundation Scholar for 2014, having the majority of her school expenses paid off for two semesters by the scholarship she received really kept her on a path to reach her academic goals.

“The scholarship I was so blessed to receive definitely helped me and my future endeavors,” she said. “Having this scholarship meant I got to spend more time studying for classes rather than picking up extra shifts to help my father pay off my tuition.”

With many of her friends going away to college, Dania was leery at first about going to Schoolcraft College, but that quickly changed when she got involved.

“I am glad I went to Schoolcraft, but my first term I wasn’t very involved,” she said. “But I started to make friends in my classes and became more active and that made a big difference.” Those activities included becoming a member of the Honor Society and being a mentor in the Freshman Focus component of the University Bound program. She also is the co-founder of the Schoolcraft College Chemistry Club.

Dania plans to attend Wayne State University and earn a bachelor of science in biochemistry before applying for medical school, where she hopes to specialize in pediatrics. “I hope to help children in any way I possibly can, and by being a pediatrician I know I can make them smile when they are sick or feeling sad,” Baraka said.


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