Foundation Grants

The Foundation has long recognized the need for supplemental grant funding for emerging or innovative initiatives developed by our faculty and staff. These grants provide our students and the campus community with exceptional learning experiences—academic out of the box experiences. 

UBRI Veterans Center Opening and Music & Art Kinetic Project

The Schoolcraft College Foundation provided financial support for two very different happenings at the college in 2014—the grand opening of the Veteran’s Resource Center, located in the McDowell Center on campus, and the unique Music and Art Kinetic Installation Project , a collaboration of art and music classes.

UBRI Undergraduate Biological Research and Intern Program (UBRI)

When the Undergraduate Biological Research and Intern (UBRI) program launched in fall 2012, it was an innovative but small program allowing a select few Schoolcraft students to conduct groundbreaking research. It has quickly grown into landmark initiative for Schoolcraft and universities across the state.

Multicultural Fair Multicultural Fair

More than 3,000 “travelers” a year take a “trip around the world,” collecting a “passport” at the door which they can get stamped at any of two dozen cultural display tables.

LAC Learning Assistance Center

The Foundation is a long time supporter of the Learning Assistance Center.  We believe giving students the tools they need to exceed academically will also help them excel in life.


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