Mission Possible 2019

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THANK YOU for being a supporter of Schoolcraft College through time, talent, or treasure! April 1st marks the second year having a designated month focused on employee giving. Last year, 11% of Schoolcraft employees gave nearly $60,000 to support our students. Imagine the impact we could make if 20% of employees give this year!

Donations will support the Student Emergency Needs Fund which helps students overcome financial hardships in order to avoid dropping out of school. Whether it is a transportation or housing issue, childcare need, or healthcare concern, we want students to know they matter and we care. Food and housing insecurities are reported to impact one in two college students nationwide. Help us reduce this statistic for Schoolcraft students. Of course, you may designate your gift to another fund that inspires you, too!

In addition to your donation, we would love for you to participate in our MISSION POSSIBLE activity. Watch this video for more information on your assignment, should you choose to accept it.

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Briefing #1

Briefing #2

Monday Message from Dr Jeffress

Update #1

Monday Message from Dr Jeffress #2

Update #2

Clue #1


Clue #2


Clue #3


Clue #4


Update #3


Clue #5


Clue #6


Clue #7


Clue #8

Clue #9


Update #4

Clue #10

Situation Room Results

A Final Word from Dr. Jeffress

Final Briefing

More details will be posted in the days to come so don't forget to come back and check out this page!!

To view all the videos on YouTube please click here.

Assignment Resources

Mission Possible Assignment Information and Rules
Mission Possible Incentives & Prizes
Mission Possible Clue Card - Registration is now CLOSED!  Clue cards are available for pickup in JC 220.
To make a donation through payroll deduction click here to download the form, complete it, sign it, print it and then scan/email it to: foundation@schoolcraft.edu or send the form via inner office mail to the Foundation. THANK YOU!!!

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