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TJ Frader
T.J. Frader

Many times an education at Schoolcraft College teaches you more than information – it teaches you about yourself. “That’s what happened to me,” said 2008 SC alumnus T.J. Frader. READ MORE >

Mona Markabani
Mona Markabani

Markabani, a Schoolcraft College alum and Michael Bettley Fire Academy Scholarship recipient, has gone on to become Lincoln Park Fire Department’s second female, first Arab-American, and youngest firefighter. READ MORE >

Donald Bryans
Donald Bryans, 2012

I may have the degree from this decade but I started in the mid 90's in a NAEC apprenticeship program that the state shutdown before I could finish it. 

Derrick Davenport
Profiles of Excellence - Derrick Davenport

When I was at Schoolcraft, Master Chef Jeff Gabriel would tell us wonderful stories about his life on a navy ship. He had amazing stories about the places he visited. I was really intrigued.

Susan McKenna
Profiles of Excellence -  Susan McKenna

Susan McKenna started her career pathway at Schoolcraft College in the 80s eager to become a registered nurse, but she found something more than an education in nursing.

Paul Vann
From SC to DC - Paul Vann

Working in the nation’s capital for the Congressional Budget Office, a non-partisan agency providing economic data to Congress, Vann holds the title of Senior Information Security Engineer. READ MORE >

Kathy Williams
Living Her Dream - Kathy Williams

Without Schoolcraft, I’m not sure I would have found my way to the inner peace and joy I feel today, finally living my dream as an entrepreneur and working as an artist and author. 

Jodi (Langlois) Latuszek
Jodi Latuszek, J.D. Class of 2001- Lives Transformed First Place Winner

Schoolcraft gave me the confidence to think bigger. Without my experience at Schoolcraft, it is unlikely that I would have followed my dream of becoming a lawyer.” I wrote my essay because I wanted to tell other students that you can get ahead - you can do everything you hope to. And no matter what you want to study and become, come to Schoolcraft. They will give you the foundation you need to be successful in college, and in life. READ MORE >

 Al Walgenback
Alfred C. Walgenbach Class of 1967 - Lives Transformed Runner Up

Dean Waterman and Schoolcraft College took a chance on me and that changed my life. I attribute much of my success during my career to the education I received at Schoolcraft College.

Alan Tope
Alan Tope Class of 1966

As early students at Schoolcraft, we came to realize that the college set high standards, and that we were expected to perform accordingly. My academic success and other recognitions in that rigorous environment developed a confidence that carried forward throughout my career. I appreciate the intestinal fortitude of Schoolcraft’s early and subsequent management teams to establish, and maintain, those high standards and expectations.

Cheryl Track
Cheryl Track Class of 1988

I am thankful that Schoolcraft College was there for me and continues to transform lives through the power of education.

Dewey Steffen
Dewey Steffen Class of 1992

I have been truly blessed to have Schoolcraft College impact my life in so many ways. From fellow students, faculty, administration, and even the community, it has absolutely and permanently changed my life. Thank you, Schoolcraft College, for believing in me, teaching me, and inspiring me... you have transformed my life evermore! READ MORE >

Diana Graham
Diana Graham Class of 1969

For recent high school graduates Schoolcraft College is a gentle nudge from the nest. For displaced Baby Boomers it is a “port in the storm” to learn the “new ways.” Whatever your age, whatever your path, always remember that the view at the top is magnicent but the adventure is in the journey. READ MORE >

Emilio DiConcilio
Emilio Di Concilio Class of 1974

Schoolcraft College opened up the doors of higher education to me. The College’s motto ‘Semper Altum Auspices’ (Look Ever Upward) inspired me to look “High Up”. I had professors that believed in the enrichment of student lives as a means of improving society and the betterment of the individual. READ MORE >

Gary Gabel
Dr. Gary Gabel Class of 1968

The human soul can soar when given the opportunity... Schoolcraft gave me new possibilities. I learned to dream. Thanks for being the catalyst for this soaring soul. READ MORE >

Lili Donaldson
Lili Donaldson Class of 1979

I was raising three children while attending Schoolcraft College. My children grew up hearing me say “I failed that class, I just know it.” But I didn’t and my entire family, including my parents, attended my graduation ceremony at Schoolcraft College in 1972 beaming with pride over my accomplishment. READ MORE >

Sherie Williams
Dr. Sherie Williams Class of 1987

I gained enough confidence and encouragement from the instructors at Schoolcraft that I continued with school and now am known as “Dr. Williams” to my students at Grand Valley State University. I owe a debt to Schoolcraft for... giving me the beginnings of a life-long pursuit of education that has served myself and my family well.

Morad Fawsey

Morad Fawsey Class of 1980

It is hard for me to write down all the memories that I have about Schoolcraft College...not only did the College change my life, but also my career. If it wasn’t for the knowledge I was given, I wouldn’t have achieved my goals. Millions of thanks to Schoolcraft College and its faculty & staff. READ MORE >


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