Retiree Benefits

Free Classes
Retirees who have been granted Emeritus/ Honoraire status, along with their spouses, have the ability to take one class per semester tuition- free.

Richard Tomalty
Dr. Richard Tomalty, Schoolcraft Counselor (1970-2000)

“For those of us who chose to stay in the college area after retirement, we have the fine “perk” of taking one course each college session tuition-free. I have opted to take a swim class every session since my retirement in 2000. I don’t do as many laps at age 81 as I once did but the exercise and social interchange with classmates has been wonderful. My wife, Elaine (Secretary Honoraire - Women’s Resource Center), always had an interest in land forms and rocks, etc. She had never explored this interest in a formal way. She took Physical Geography followed by Physical Geology with Jim Rexius. These were very memorable experiences. We very much appreciate these opportunities offered to us as college retirees.”

Additional Benefits

  • Emeritus / Honoraire Staff Parking Passes
  • Emeritus / Honoraire Discount Fitness Membership: $15 per month
  • All Retirees Get Bookstore Discount: 10% (some exclusions apply)
  • All Retirees Have Access to Campus Library
  • All Retirees over 60 get a 20% discount on CEPD classes and/or 50% discount on CEPD fitness classes.

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