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An Inspirational Past

With a vibrant history propelled by the surrounding communities, Schoolcraft begins a new chapter in its legacy. By building on the foundation of our mission, vision, and values, key areas of improvement are designated to help the college reach more individuals and serve as a community-centric hub for education and lifelong learning. Inspirational accomplishments in the history of the college have elevated the growth of the institution, and set the pattern for the future.

Schoolcraft College continues to honor its heritage with a quest for knowledge that spearheads a growing and diverse community, and by continuing partnerships in the business community which benefit students and residents. Since Schoolcraft College’s creation nearly 60 years ago, the leaders have focused on progressive innovation, educational excellence, and academic success.

Unlike other community colleges in the region, Schoolcraft is not supported by a single county, but is funded by five different geographic districts. Recognizing the need for a higher education institution, Schoolcraft founders had the innovative foresight to purchase the large tract of land in Livonia the college now occupies. This allowed the college leadership to boost the local economy while generating revenue for the college’s future. This is just one example of how Schoolcraft practices good stewardship, while private and public funding sources lend their support for regional success.