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Student Success

Schoolcraft College Foundation Student Success

Eliminating barriers, access for students seeking an affordable college education. Innovative programming and support for veterans, active military, and their families. Focus on lifelong learning and continuous training. Grow international student services. Scholarships and emergency needs. Support dual enrollment. Help students gain stackable credits.

Veterans & Military Center

Honoring Our Service Members, Veterans and Their Families
Schoolcraft College honors the many sacrifices made by service members, veterans, and their families. We are dedicated to assisting them in achieving their academic and personal goals as we recognize the outstanding qualities of leadership, flexibility and teamwork they bring to the overall educational experience of all Schoolcraft students.

International Student Center

Schoolcraft College currently welcomes students from approximately 65 different countries. The college values international students and believes that diversity benefits the greater campus community. The International Student Center can help make the experience for international students rewarding and meaningful.

Reality Ready

“Reality Ready™ is an initiative that helps Schoolcraft students win in the workforce. Schoolcraft integrates core abilities in the classroom and measures outcomes, including creative and critical thinking, effective communication, technology, mathematics, cooperation, responsibility, and social/cultural awareness.


Scholarships and student aid have been a particular focus of the Schoolcraft Foundation. The generous support of philanthropy has been key to providing financial support for students as they prepare for a career.