Building Futures Together

The Annual Campaign makes a tremendous difference in the lives of Schoolcraft students.  Last year, through the combined generosity of people just like you we raised over $380,000.

Celebrating Achievement, Building the Future

The 2012-2013 Schoolcraft College Annual Report highlights the achievements of our faculty, staff and students as well as the Schoolcraft College Foundation and its alumni and friends. READ MORE >

Profiles of Excellence - Derrick Davenport

When I was at Schoolcraft, Master Chef Jeff Gabriel would tell us wonderful stories about his life on a navy ship. He had amazing stories about the places he visited. I was really intrigued. READ MORE >

Derrick Davenport

The Perfect Match

With a keen desire to maintain close ties to Schoolcraft and its students, the Rockalls make it a point each year to explore what's happening on campus. They seek out opportunities that match well with their desire to support students in some unique way. READ MORE >

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Thelma Kubitskey

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