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It's About Hope

Your donation directly supports Schoolcraft College programs and gives students HOPE they will complete their education, improve their families’ lives and make the world a better place.

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2015-16 Annual Report

New! 2015-16 Annual Report

In this report:

  • Growing our College Community
  • Middle School Programs Give Students Chances to Explore College at Early Age
  • Improving Our Campus
  • Donated Fire Truck to the Rescue
  • Scholarship Opportunities Abound for Students
  • and more...

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SC Alumni - Fall 2016

New! SCAlumni Magazine

In this issue:

  • History 101: Where did our name come from?
  • The 'new guy' is here for you
  • Paul Vann - Distinguished Alumni
  • Did you know?
  • It's About Hope

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History 101

New! History 101: Where did our name come from?


Northwest Wayne County Community College. That name surely is a tongue twister. It was the original name for Schoolcraft College, reflecting the communities that encompassed the college’s district and primary areas of service. READ MORE >

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