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From creating five-star culinary masterpieces, pioneering thought models in education, and training responders to save lives, Schoolcraft College develops a foundation for student passions and plots a course for lifelong learning. Schoolcraft prepares minds for a robust future through intellectual growth while strengthening the surrounding region for economic independence.

  • The Civility Project
    Please join us virtually on Thursday, March 25th, 2021 from 11:00am – 12:00pm. Long-time journalists and unlikely friends Stephen Henderson and […]
  • It’s a New Year, but Taxes remain an Old Concern!
    There is always speculation over what a new administration will or will not do concerning the tax code. While changes can be implemented retroactively, it is far more realistic major changes will not go into effect until 2022. Still, every year there are minor alterations that can affect us and we need to be aware. […]

Vision 2025

Vision 2025

Vision 2025 is a five-year fundraising initiative that supports Schoolcraft College — its programs, students, and members of the southeast Michigan community.

Schoolcraft College is a public community college. The college enrolls more than 30,000 students each year in both credit programs and continuing education and professional development (non-credit) courses. The college has 130+ different academic majors and academic programs leading to a skills certificate, associate degree, or post-associate degree. Students can take advantage of bachelor degree-level courses and programs offered by university partners onsite, or transfer credits to other four-year institutions.

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Vision 2025 will impact the next 25 years of the 21st century by helping the college transform workforce education, which will engage, inspire, and transform students, the community, and economy.

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