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Vision 2025

Schoolcraft College Foundation Vision 2025 LogoVision 2025: The Fundraising Initiative

Vision 2025 will create life-changing opportunities for students to the rapidly changing future. With help from donors and partners, the college will transform education while engaging, inspiring, and transforming the lives of students, the community, and economy.

Download the Schoolcraft College Foundation Vision 2025 Case Statement.

From creating five-star culinary masterpieces, pioneering thought models in education, and training responders to save lives, Schoolcraft College develops a foundation for student passions and plots a course for lifelong learning. Schoolcraft prepares minds for a robust future through intellectual growth while strengthening the surrounding region for economic independence.

Schoolcraft College is a public community college. The college enrolls more than 30,000 students each year in both credit programs and personal and professional learning (non-credit) courses. The college has 70 different academic majors and academic programs leading to a skills certificate, associate degree, or post-associate degree. Students can take advantage of bachelor degree-level courses and programs offered by university partners onsite, or transfer credits to other four-year institutions.

Student Success

Schoolcraft College Foundation Student SuccessStudent Success Eliminating barriers, access for students seeking an affordable college education. Innovative programming and support for veterans, active military, and their families. Focus on lifelong learning and continuous training. Grow international student services. Scholarships and emergency needs. Support dual enrollment. Help students gain stackable credits.

Education & Workforce Development

Schoolcraft College Education Workforce DevelopmentEducation & Workforce Development Grow Michigan’s talent pool and address rapidly changing workforce needs. Expand professional trades, technology, career programs, and power skills. Develop healthcare workers for tomorrow.

Community Hub

Schoolcraft College Foundation Community HubCommunity Hub Enhance lifelong learning opportunities and programming for retirees and seniors, including those in the workforce. Engage STEM at every touchpoint – K-12 teachers, parents and students. Programming for children on campus. Continue and grow a multi-cultural focus.

What Will it Take to Transform Schoolcraft College?

The Critical Component – Community Support For Programming Initiatives A complex structure of skills will be required to navigate the next Industrial Revolution. New buildings with flexible workspaces and the latest technology are the foundation. However, providing programs and student support are what bring the educational process to life and realize the promise and potential of Vision 2025. The operating metrics of Schoolcraft College include:

  • Tax dollars and tuition, which support what the college SHOULD be doing.
  • Philanthropic support, which supports what the college COULD be doing.