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Scholarship Thank You Letters

The Schoolcraft College Foundation is very proud to assist students in reaching their academic goals. We work very closely with our donors to help us fulfill our mission and to provide scholarships to our students.

As indicated in your award letter, the Schoolcraft College Foundation requires that scholarship recipients write a thank you letter to the donor(s) associated with the scholarship. You will have the opportunity to submit a thank you as part of your scholarship acceptance through the SC scholarship application process.

When you write your thank you letter, it is important to remember that you are representing yourself as well as the SC community. You should also know that the recipient of your letter will appreciate the time and effort it took to produce a well-written letter. Thank you for taking the time to do this well.

Thank You Letter Guidelines:

  • Address the letter directly to the name of the scholarship – this information can be found on your Financial Aid Award Letter or the emailwith the award details (i.e. Dear John Smith Scholarship).
  • Include your message of thanks, but also please share a brief synopsis of your background, aspirations, progress at Schoolcraft and your current course of study along with any long-term plans upon graduation. Information about your family or obstacles to education help our donor’s see the value of their gift.
  • Please review your draft and check for any grammar or spelling errors. If you need assistance, the college provides the Writing Fellows at the Learning Center. The LC is located in the Bradner Library on the Livonia Campus.

Remember, that because of the generous support of Foundation donors, student scholarships are possible. Be personal, say thank you and tell them a little about you! We are grateful for your assistance in helping us to steward gifts and recognize our thoughtful benefactors.