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Natasha’s Story

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny, sat down with current student, Natasha Carter, to discuss how the Foundation has helped with her college journey.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny:  Welcome to another college chat. We’re here with Tasha, and we’re going to be looking at how the student pieces here in student life in the Schoolcraft Foundation pulled together to help Tasha with their journey,

And we’re going to learn a little bit more. So welcome, Tasha. Thank you. First, I want to just get a little bit of background on where you’re from and what your major is and what you’re trying to do, and what activities you’re doing here at the campus.

Natasha Carter: I’m from East Point. I want to study psychology. I’m on the Schoolcraft women’s basketball team. I’m the captain.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: Excellent.

Natasha Carter: I also tutor in the learning center. I tutor algebra in statistics.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: OK,

Natasha Carter: So that’s what I spend most of my days doing here.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: OK, so time management is a big thing.

How do you manage the time and how does the foundation help facilitate, you know, what do they do to help you know in terms of your journey here?

Natasha Carter: So I have a pretty busy schedule between classes, tutoring, and basketball. But the foundation with the athletic scholarship, I don’t have to worry about getting an outside job and worry about paying for my classes and everything. With the scholarship that they have provided, I’ve been able to pay for my classes, pay for my books. I got a new laptop. So yeah, I haven’t had to worry about anything financially.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: So when you were in high school, did Schoolcraft College come, you know, in your mindset, or how did you get here because you were in Clinton Township, right? So Schoolcraft is not going to be one of the ones on the list.

Natasha Carter: I had a basketball game. We were playing Lakeview and my coach, coach Shay was there scouting and her and my dad started talking and that’s how I look at the issue.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: OK. So when Shay started talking to you a little bit more about Schoolcraft, what were your thoughts? What did you want to know more about or what did you learn as she was talking to you?

Natasha Carter: The biggest thing I wanted to learn more about was the like academic programs, especially psychology. I know that’s what I want to go into eventually. I learned a lot about the MTA agreement and how my courses and my credits and everything will transfer, so that was the biggest thing.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: So that gives you the ability to take our classes here and go to your four years just like you took them when you start the four year. Do you guys do the mercy elite training as well?

Natasha Carter: Yes.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: So, you know, that’s pretty competitive with the D1 school because a lot of community colleges will not have that kind of support mechanism in place. Do you enjoy that?

Natasha Carter: I love Mercy.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: OK.

Natasha Carter: We live. We were lifting two times a week, but now that basketball, the season is picking out, we’re lifting with them one time a week. But yeah, I love Mercy Lee. We work with Brett. He caters to our injuries and everything like that. He’s getting us stronger. Faster.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: Yeah, yeah. So that’s an experience that you would pursue at a four year, but you’re getting it now. Yeah, so in terms of foundation, they did a lot of support for you. Is there anything else you can attribute to what they’re helping you with?

Natasha Carter: They donate or they bought us a shooting machine.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: Oh, they did?

Natasha Carter: So we’re getting shots of the balls coming back at us, and our coach can, like, set it to certain settings where it moves. And we like, move with it and it passes the ball to us and then we shoot it and it just keeps going until you stop to stop it.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: So that’s a great piece for practice. So for the future, you feel very comfortable with your start and your foundation here. And then going to four years, you feel like you’re in a good set.

Natasha Carter: Yes, I’m in a very good place. You know, all my classes are great faculties. The faculty is great. Yeah, so much support, you know what I mean?

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: Yeah. Now when you’re doing tutoring, is that rewarding to you?

Natasha Carter: Yeah. The feeling of like helping someone or like when people get the OK kind of look that it’s great. It’s yeah, it feels good to be able to help someone understand something that they were understanding before.

 Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: Right. And that’s a skill. I mean, that’s an algebra that’s that doesn’t get picked up very easily. So you’re very smart. So thank you for assisting our students in that. And I know the foundation is really thankful for your, you know, getting the kind of stories out there that we need to get so that our stories are meaningful for high schools and our students that are coming in the future. So your great, great path that you’re leading?

Natasha Carter: Thank you.

Schoolcraft College President, Dr. Glenn Cerny: So this is another one of our college chats.

I want to wrap this one up. I want to thank Tasha for being here and for her story. It’s a fantastic story. And we’ll look forward to another college chat, so thank you for being here.