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Taylor Veteran Surprised with New Home, Job and Schoolcraft College Scholarship for Three Year Old Daughter


Beth Kohler, Director of Development The Schoolcraft College Alumni Office is proud to share a heartwarming story with you about an event that took place recently. Eric Waidelich is a proud alumnus of Schoolcraft College and he is also a Project Manager for the City of Taylor. Eric recently contacted Schoolcraft College and the Schoolcraft College Foundation and asked us to participate in the Taylor Veteran’s Home Project. This project selects a veteran and their family, who are in need, and provides them with a fully renovated and furnished home. This is not their home, but a home that is being given to them. Many community partners were involved besides the City of Taylor, including Home Depot, abundant skilled trade unions, Camp Liberty, the Helmets to Hardhats program, and many more. The Helmets to Hardhats program provides the veteran with an apprenticeship in a skilled trade of their choice. In this case, he has been accepted into a skilled carpenters’ union and will begin apprenticing with Barton Malow immediately. The family is Chris and Darcy Holcomb and their three year old daughter Veyda.

Alumnus Eric Waidelich, asked Schoolcraft College to play a role in honoring the service of this veteran by providing a scholarship for the Holcomb’s three year old daughter in any amount we could. Working in collaboration with Schoolcraft College President, Beth Kohler, Director of DevelopmentDr. Conway Jeffress and the Financial Aid Office, the Schoolcraft College Foundation was honored to provide this self-sacrificing veteran with a full-tuition scholarship for his little daughter Veyda upon her graduation from high school.

The family was very emotional and very grateful. Three year old Veyda herself in the arms of her crying grandmother said “You mean I get to go to school?”

While this scholarship won’t come to fruition for about 15 years, we want our alumni family to know that many of you have helped bring joy to a veteran and his family through your support of the Schoolcraft College Foundation’s Annual Campaign. Thank you!

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As a Viet Nam Veteran who attended Schoolcraft College on the GI Bill, I salute Schoolcraft College. Job well done.....  As an added note I got a great education at Schoolcraft, which set me up well for continuing my education (CMU) and providing a solid foundation for my work career. Thank you Schoolcraft!   James R. Buck (January '71)

One more reason I am still after 40 years a proud and enthusiastic alumnus of Nursing from Schoolcraft College.  Great Job  Maria Johnston

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! Lynn M. Miller

Wow!  Makes you want to keep giving. Anonymous


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